Incentive Design

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As beneficiaries of commercial activities, service providers need to lock in and pay Newton tokens to obtain commercial resources. Since there is no commercial intermediary seeking excessive-profits, transaction costs will decrease significantly compared to traditional business, so consumers may purchase goods and services at lower prices. In order to match the economic scale growth of the human-machine community, the system will issue NEW according to community-defined algorithms. The NEW paid by service providers and the NEW issued by the system will be put into the incentive pool.

A node or a super-node can increase its NewForce value by making a positive contribution to the human-machine community through the Proof of Contribution (PoC) system. The system will feature an incentive distribution algorithm that will distribute “NEW” in the incentive pool to human-machine nodes based on their NewForce value, which in turn shall be based on the amount of computing resources, storage resources, or other services provided by the human-machine nodes to the system. By doing this, the human-machine community enters a positive cycle, expands in scale, and sustains development and innovation.