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Born July 20, 1980 China
Nationality Chinese
Years active 1980-present
Chinese Name
Simplied Chinese 李树斌

Shubin Li (Chinese: 李树斌;Pinyin: Li Shu Bin; born July 20, 1980) is the Co-founder of Newton and the co-founder of

In 2017, Shubin Li established the e-commerce site, gaining several investment rounds from Sequoia Capital, Intel, DFJ, Tencent and other famous VC organizations.

Early life and education

Li was born on July 20, 1980 in China.

Li attend Communication University of China in 1998 and graduated in 2002 with a B.A.

Li attend Tsinghua University in 2002 and graduated in 2005 with a Master in Computer Science.

Business career

Li Shubin received an invitation from the aigo Jun Feng to join the 搜易得, which is the earliest digital online shopping mall in China. The sales during the peak period was as high as 500 million, and the sales ranked first in the industry. From 2003 to 2007, Li was the CEO of 搜易得.

From 2007 to now, Li was the CEO of Okbuy. In 2007, Li Shubin decided to make a genuine online shoe store, and he completed the construction of the website day and night. After only two weeks on the website, the website was discovered by the eye-catching Sequoia Capital and proposed to invest.

Okbuy has gained more and more investment including Sequoia Capital, DFJ and Tencent under the leadership of Shubin Li. The sales performance of Okbuy has also grown by leaps and bounds. In December 2010, Okbuy reached 5,000 units bought per day.