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Newton Token, abbreviated as NEW, with a total circulation of 100 billion, is a built-in tool for value measurement, storage and incentives, which can transfer value between the main chain and its sub-chains and between the sub-chains, for example: payment of transaction fees, purchase of commercial resources, incentive contributions, etc.

Actor Proportion Amount Description
Founding team 10% 10 billion
  • Incentives for founding team;
  • The first year is the lock period. From the second year, every month 1/24 of the total amount will be unlocked.
Token Exchange 15% 15 billion For Newton Foundation's initial operation
Foundation 15% 15 billion
  • For foundation's later operation;
  • 1/2 of the total amount is immediately unlocked, the rest will be unlocked 1/12 every month.
Community 60% 60 billion
  • Incentives for the community
  • Unlock over the next fifty years.