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Some advice to bear in mind while editing this wiki:

Editing a Wiki is Easy

When you click 'Edit Page' it may look like complex source code. But it's really just a human language with some extra punctuation. Take a while to look at it and don't worry if you don't understand everything.

Some useful links

It's OK if you Mess Up

All changes can be undone, so don't worry about messing things up. Get your hands dirty!

Work in Wiki First

Taking text from Microsoft Word and putting it in a wiki is not simple. It's best you learn to use the wiki first and type directly into that.

A Wiki is Never "Finished"

A wiki is a living database. The day Wikipedia stops being updated is the day it dies

A Wiki Page is Never "Finished"

Elvis might be dead, but his Wikipedia page is still being updated

Stick to the Facts

A wiki is meant to be a reference guide, and stick to accurate facts. No marketing stuff, no press releases, no news articles. Just plain facts please!