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Xu Yirong



graduated Peking University and Stanford University.Before joining IBM's world-famous Morton Institute of Silicon Valley. He has published many papers, and awarded 5 patents with other computer scientists. Xu started China's first personalized news reading tool Zhuaxia, attracting a group of loyal high-end users.Before going on to establish meilishuo.com, which introduced online social interaction to the fashion industry, becoming China's most famous fast fashion social network and e-commerce platform, influencing the fashion sense of China's young women, with more than 40 million active users every and nearly 6 billion RMB annual turnover. In 2014, he established China's fashionable global buyer shop HIGO, which is the first stop of foreign designer brands landing in China. Xu Yirong's mission is to make the Chinese best aesthetic designers in the world.


1993.9-1997.7 Peking University Computer Science Bachelor

1999.9-2000.12 Stanford University Computer Science Master


2000.12-2003.10IBM Almaden Research Center(The world's best data mining research group) R&D Engineer

2003.11-2005.10IBM China Software Development Lab Senior software engineer

2005.11-2008.12 Zhuaxia,Personality subscription Founder

2009.11-2016.1 Meilishuo,China's most famous fast fashion platform Founder

2014.8till now HIGO,The world's most fashionable buyer Founder

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Xu Yirong left,Chen Qi right

With Newton

Xu Yirong is one of corestone invester of Newton Project