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Lee Willson


Lee Willson

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Willson is a well-known international business consultant across various industries since 1997. In 2004, he was invited to a direct dialogue with State Leaders by the Chinese State Council as a Special Representative for Overseas Chinese Young Entrepreneurs which was held at the Peoples’ Hall of Beijing, China. He is also a dynamic speaker, investor, traveler, philosopher, and writer all rolled into one. Willson is also the only investor in the world who shared the stage with the world-reknowned Wall Street legend Jim Rogers. He created the world's first crypto travel-documentary called Bitcoin World Tour in 2014. He was also invited to speak at the Summit Forums around the world, and started the entertaining "Bitcoinomics" Talk Show. Willson established himself as the global ambassador for Bitcoins with production of the film, "The Man From Bitcoin", and currently sits as the Permanent President of World Blockchain Foundation, which won the 2017 The BrandLaureate world excellence brand award. He is also the advisor of The Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox of China, Newton, PundiX, SmartMesh, WeMerge, Apla, Photochain, DiscoveryIoT, BitArk, CoinOtaku, Elastos, BioBridge, Terra Vertua, Chain Accelerator and UcanFilm. Willson is a highly recognized world figure on crypto assets and a prolific blockchain spokesperson, today popularly known as Blockchain Ambassador.

Project that Wilson involved:

1. PundiX 2. SmartMesh 3. Wemerge 4. Elastos 5. IoTChain 6. IExec 7. Indorse 8. IDhub 9. Crypfish 10. BioBridge 11. Apla 12. Newton 13. Photochain 14. DiscoveryIoT 15. BitArk 16. Terra Vertua 17. Chain Accelerator 18. Coin Otaku 19. AIOZ 20. Cryptocarz


ACCA Accounting and Business/Management · (1993 - 1996)


Terra Virtua Advisor September 2018 - Present

Chain Accelerator Mentor July 2018 - Present Paris Area, France

Blockchain Zoo Co-Founder October 2017 - Present

DiscoveryIoT Advisor June 2018 - Present

Newton Foundation LTD Senior Advisor March 2018 - Present

photochain Advisor May 2018 - Present

Wemerge Community Senior Advisor December 2017 - Present


https://www.linkedin.com/in/leewillson-778413113 (LinkedIn) https://www.facebook.com/leewillson (Facebook)

Top Skills

Training Critical Thinking Marketing Strategy


Chinese (Full Professional) Malaysia (Professional Working) Cantonese (Professional Working)


The Best Brands Award CCTV Most Influential