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Wang Feng

Wang Feng


Founder of Linekong Interactive Group and, Feng Wang graduated with an MBA from Peking University and has 20 years experience in the internet industry. Wang has called as “the most sophisticated game player”. After launching Linekong in 2014, Wang proposed the development strategy of “the trinity of films, comics, and games” and focused on Pan Entertainment. This enterprise includes: Linekong Game, Linekong Studio and Linekong Technology - three businesses that distribute games, video entertainment, and consumer electronics. Linekong Interactive won “Forbes 2015 China Mobile Internet Top 30” and Wang also won Fortune Magazine's “2016 China Business Pioneer Top 50.”


MBA 2005 Peking University


1997 - 2007: vice president in charge of anti-virus software department and vice president in charge of digital entertainment business;Senior vice president of KingSoft Beijing Kingsoft Software Co., Ltd.

2007 - 2018: Chief Executive Officer of Linekong Interactive Group Co., Ltd.

2017 - Now:Founder of


With Newton

Wang Feng is corestone invester of Newton Project