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Jizhe profile photo.png
Born Shenyang, China
Education Shenyang Jianzhu University (BA)
Nationality Chinese
Occupation Founder & Chairman of Newton
Co-founder of Elastos
Founder of Zeuux
Chinese Name
Simplied Chinese 徐继哲

Jizhe Xu (Chinese: 徐继哲;Pinyin: Xu Ji Zhe;) is the Founder & Chairman of Newton, Co-founder of Elastos and Founder of Zeuux (A Community for Free Software Usage).

Early life and education

Xu attended Shenyang Jianzhu University of China in 1997 and graduated in 2002 with a B.A in Computer Science.

Business career

In 2018, Xu Jizhe established the Newton Project to develop a hyper exchange protocol through innovations such as blockchain and IoT, with the vision that “Everyone should benefit directly from economic growth”.

In 2017, Xu made an angel investment in Elastos, and became the company's co-founder.

Formerly Technology Head at Sina Mail and CTO of Okbuy.com.

In 2005 Xu founded the Zeuux Community to promote the Free Software movement in China, popularizing the technology, law, and community culture to connect Chinese and global communities.