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Ye Haifeng(Chinese: 叶海峰; pinyin: Ye Haifeng;) is founder of and founding partner of Haifeng Zhicheng Investment Management. Previously President of Jiaxing E-commerce Association.

In 2007, during the booming stage of e-commerce, Ye established, becoming China's most famous online bag and suitcase brand. In 2013, he established Haifeng Zhicheng Investment Management Co and over the past five years accumulated 5 super capital Angel venture funds and invested in nearly 70 projects. These have refinancing rate as high as 58%, and have hatched a number of high-quality enterprises with high growth rates.


Ye began to use the Internet to engage in import and export trade as early as 2000, and witnessed the rise of the Internet wave in China over a dozen years. In 2007, Ye created a fashion bag sales website - mai bag. Through the model of multi-brand direct selling and hierarchical marketing, in just a few years, maibao has become the most famous Internet fashion luggage brand in China, and become the first enterprise in China's e-commerce field with a scale of over 100 millions.

As a leading brand of domestic Internet fashion luggage, the product series is divided into age, category and style to meet the needs of different target consumers. In 2007, ye haifeng was awarded the title of "CCTV2 wins the top 108 in China"; in 2009, he was awarded the title of "top 10 global online merchants"; in 2010, he was awarded the title of "top 10 emerging figures in the value list of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises in 2010" by APEC; and in 2012, he was awarded the title of "top 50 Chinese business innovation in 2012".

While successfully covering the domestic market, Ye led the team to set up the international market. In 2010, he established the first overseas branch of the B2C industry in Tokyo, Japan. In 2011, he established the second overseas branch in Venice, Italy, focusing on research and development and design. In July 2011, the Japanese website of mai bag was officially launched and operated.


Graduated from northwest textile engineering college in 1997;

Starting a business from scratch in 2002;

Founding Haihua import and export co. LTD in 2005;

Founding Yuanhua leather manufacturing co. LTD in 2006;

Founding Maibaobao leather co. LTD in 2007;

Attending "win in China" and entered the top 108 in January 2007;

Maibaobao won the top 100 most valuable websites in April 2007;

The top 10 outstanding foreign trade web merchants award in China in 2007; was ranked as the TOP100 of the third most favorite website of Chinese consumers in November 2007; was rated as one of the top 100 Chinese e-commerce applications of 2007 in May 2008;

Maibaobao got foreign investment to establish sino-italian joint venture company in August 2008;

Ye Haifeng was awarded the best popularity award of alipay at the 2008 online business festival in September 2008;

Maibaobao was awarded the title of "top ten global online merchants" in the sixth China online business conference in September 2009;

Ye Haifeng was awarded the title of "top 10 new emerging figures in 2010 China sme value list" in December 2010;

Ye Haifeng was awarded the title of "50 people in Chinese business innovation" in March 2012;

Founded Haifeng Zhicheng investment co., LTD in January 2013;

Founded Jaixing Maidong information technology co., LTD in October 2013.